Saturday, 9 May 2015

What's On Your Wheel?

I'm currently spinning with a few different fleeces. Last year I bought some beautiful Gotland that I have washed a little at a time and slowly combed and spun. 

It has been a bit tedious to prepare: hand combing individual locks; careful storing so that the butt and tip are not mixed up and then spinning a small handful at a time semi- worsted. 

However, it is really beautiful and I now wish I purchased more - 300 unwashed grams becomes a lot less once washed and combed. 

I have also been spinning some Llanwenog fleece. This is a beautiful fibre with a semi-lustre and spins up beautifully. Again, I have made it a little hard for myself as I'm using Viking combs to prepare it. It is time consuming and there is a lot of waste. 

Some of it I have kept as it is soft and fine and I will card it and spin it from rolags. I will be interested to compare the worsted with the woollen techniques on the same fibre.

If you're wondering why the pursuit in techniques and range of fleece, it is because I am following the Certicate of Achievement syllabus for spinning. I don't know if I'll get so far as actually applying for the certificate, working full time makes such personal pursuits hard, but I am learning lots by simply following the syllabus with others from my local guild and have some amazing teachers. 

I'm off to a fibre sale today with a company called Wingham. Very excited!!! Will try not to spend too much. Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
Becky x

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